‘Ridiculous!’ Paul Scholes calls out referee for unjust yellow card on Bruno Fernandes

Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves have both voiced their disapproval of the decision that Felix Zwayer made to caution Bruno Fernandes during Sevilla’s match in the Europa League.

Bruno Fernandes will now miss the second leg on April 20.

In spite of the fact that Fernandes was only two yards away from Nemanja Gudelj’s strike when it touched his arm, the referee decided to send the Manchester United midfielder a yellow card for the incident.

After the first match, which was tied 2-2, the judgment appeared harsh, and it means that the Portuguese international will now be suspended for the second meeting.

After the game, former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes was irate with Zwayer and said the following to BT Sport: “Ridiculous… The entire evening, I believed the referee did a lousy job.

At the first hint of a foul, he anxiously awaited the opportunity to pull out his yellow card. Just take the free kick and move on. There was no deliberate attempt to handball the ball. He’s standing approximately one yard away from him.’

Hargreaves continued by saying, “It’s an absurd decision from the referee.” What is it that we expect Bruno to do? It’s not even close to becoming a cautionary yellow card.’

Peter Schmeichel, a former goalkeeper for Manchester United, was listening to the events unfold on BBC Radio 5 Live and became similarly enraged.

Schmeichel remarked that the play did not warrant a cautionary yellow card. The referee just showed Casemiro a yellow card for a foul that could have been a red card (committed by Erik Lamela on Casemiro).

“Fernandes dove headfirst at the ball, but where exactly is he supposed to put his hand?” Although I agree with the free kick, I do not believe that it warrants a yellow card.

On April 20, United will attempt to advance to the semifinals of the competition by playing the second leg of the match away in Spain.

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‘Difficult to return immediately’ – Man Utd’s defense fell into cгᎥᵴᎥs after Martinez’s hoггᎥble injury

After being injured and having to be carried off the field during Manchester United’s Europa League match against Sevilla, which finished in a 2-2 draw, it is easy to understand why Lisandro Martinez was unhappy.

Erik ten Hag was able to determine that Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez did not suffer an Achilles injury while the squad was competing in the Europa League against Sevilla. The game ended in a tie for the Red Devils.

Martinez, who was visibly agitated, was carried off the pitch by teammates Gonzalo Montiel and Marcos Acuna of Sevilla in the 87th minute, before he needed to be taken off the field on a stretcher. Martinez was a Sevilla player.

United had already used their five substitutions on a night in which Raphael Varane was also forced to leave the game due to injury at half time. As a result, when Martinez exited the game, it left them with only 10 players to play with when they were ahead 2-1 at the time.

Because of their injuries, United’s Varane, Martinez, Luke Shaw, and Marcus Rashford will not be able to play again this season. Scott McTominay will also not be able to play. United will play Nottingham Forest away from home on Sunday, and then they will travel back to Seville for the second leg of their tie on Thursday. This will be three days before they play Brighton in the FA Cup semi-final encounter.

When questioned if Martinez had sustained an Achilles injury, Ten Hag gave the answer “No, it is not the area” in response to the question. “Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to identify what it is. On the other hand, this does not involve the Achilles tendon in any way.

“We have very good replacements with Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, and Luke Shaw, so we have players who can replace them,” the head coach added. “We have players who can replace them.” There are guys on our team who are capable of taking their place. However, it does not achieve any of its goals in any way.

On Sunday, I seriously doubt that he will be able to participate in the game. It would appear to be that, but I am unable to say for certain what the diagnosis is, and I would want to wait until we are certain and know exactly what the problem is. It appears to be that, but I am unable to say for certain what the diagnosis is.

I was able to get in touch with him, and he is doing fine; he is able to keep his composure. Of course, and because we compete in three separate events, you are required to be a part of a team in order to compete. As a result, in the event that Licha Martinez and Rapha Varane are unable to take part in the activities scheduled for Sunday, other individuals will need to fill in for them.

“On Saturday, we were fortunate enough to be able to witness…” Harry Maguire turned in a solid performance in the game before tonight’s, and he sustained the great play he had in the game before that.

“I have an idea as to what lineup we can play on Sunday, but before that, we need to see tomorrow and talk with medical, see who came out of the game, and then we will have a plan, and then we will bring a good team on pitch,” the coach said. “I have an idea as to what lineup we can play on Sunday,” the coach added. “But first things first, we need to see tomorrow and talk with medical.”

Marcus Rashford suffered what seemed to be a groin strain during the return leg of the match; nonetheless, Ten Hag did not rule out the idea that he could return to action, stating that “There is a chance but I can’t confirm it in this moment.”

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